About – Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 1&2. Mexican people use this holiday to honor deceased family members and loved ones.

The gates of Heaven open at midnight on 31 October to let the spirits of children and babies (angelitos) reunite with their families for 24 hours. The adult Spirits come to join the fun on November 2. Toys and candy are left out for the Angelitos and the Adult spirits are given food, water, cigarettes and shots of alcohol.

Some Mexican families spend almost two months income on their day of the dead celebrations. Believing that happy spirits will bring them luck and protection.

During the celebration, It is not unusual to find music and a party atmosphere when you visit a graveyard. With brightly colored folk art, flowers and Sugar Skulls used to decorate tombs, graves and alters.

Sugar Skulls were originally molded from sugar and decorated with icing and other adornments. They used to be made in small batches, but in recent years the design has been appropriated into mainstream culture and mass produced. People enjoy the mass appeal of the colorful designs.

Sugar Skulls represent a departed soul, they are usually brightly colored, patterned and happy; with a name or symbolic drawing representing the departed built into the design.

The holiday is gaining popularity around the world as more people are adopting these traditions to celebrate how their loved one lived, remembering the fun times and good memories that they all shared together.